Thursday, May 5, 2011

French dip sandwiches

Just thought I'd share with you another one of our quick meals. This is so easy, probably as easy as a frozen pizza, depending on how you make it. I like warm sandwiches better than cold cuts. Always have, always will. Especially when the cheese is melting onto the sides and the bread is nicely toasted.

With the French dip sandwiches we usually make, I just buy a loaf of Italian or French bread, deli roast beef, sliced provolone, a can of au jus (or beef broth), and an onion (optional). Toast the bread, then add a think layer of roast beef and provolone cheese, toast again open-faced. Heat up the au jus. If using onions, slice and saute the onions until tender. Top them on your sandwich, dip, and enjoy.

You can also use swiss or mozzarella, hamburger buns, rolls, regular bread. You can make it a panini. You could also go fancy and do a beef roast and have slow cooked, shredded beef instead of deli roast beef. This recipe looks really good. I may have to try it that way. But you would also need more prep time for that. One of the first lines in that recipe is, "These aren’t your standard deli-sliced roast beef French dip sandwiches" there ya go!

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